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At Dr. Boyd’s Irvine, we’re proud to offer individualized dog training programs that focus on developing proper canine etiquette while reinforcing mindful human-canine interactions. Whether your dog needs help with socialization or is striving to become a service dog, we can help. Our unique approach to dog training will provide you with simple, practical, and effective strategies for creating and maintaining lifelong, loving partnerships with your dog. First-time clients call now to schedule a free 45-minute consultation.



Initial evaluation and creation of an Individualized Education Program (IEP) with up to 3 sessions per day. Final evaluation and follow-up training session with you and your dog to integrate your dog’s new knowledge and behaviors into your family’s daily home life.



A great way to combine Daycare with personalized training. Each Day Training Package begins with a thorough initial evaluation, followed by the creation of an Individualized Education Program for your dog. Throughout the training process, you will be invited in for private sessions to train alongside your dog. Upon completion of your dog’s personalized Day Training, a final training session will be scheduled with you in attendance. You will then learn how to integrate your dog’s new-found knowledge and behaviors into your daily lives.



Private lessons for you and your dog. Includes an initial evaluation, followed by the creation of an Individualized Education Program for your dog.



Designed for dogs who have already completed one of Dr. Boyd’s other training programs, and who are already here at Dr. Boyd’s for either Daycare or Boarding. This type of personalized training consists of 30-minute private sessions which can be purchased individually or in a package.



Do you feel like even after all-day play your pup is still ready for round 2 when you get home? On the other hand, maybe you just want a little extra something to have them do while enjoying their stay. Well, we have just the thing! We are now happily introducing and offering our new “Daily Enrichment Activities”. It is important to keep your pet active both physically and mentally which will help entertain and calm them all while engaging in fun, natural, and instinctive behaviors in a safe enriching environment. While it is fun to run around and play with all their furry friends, physical exercise only stimulates one of your pup's most important assets. Luckily, mental exercise for canines can be just as enjoyable as the physical variety. The consensus is that “use it or lose it” is just as true for dogs as it is for humans. To help keep those cognitive wheels greased and moving into adulthood and senior years, listed below are our challenging fun activities that your pet will be sure to love.

  • "Scavenger Hunt" A great game for any breed, size, temperament, or health condition! Whether you want your dog to get next level tired or enhance their one on one experience during the day, this is the game for your pup. It is a fun and exciting way to use their natural sniffing talents to find hidden treasures and their location while burning some extra energy.
  • "Treat Fetch" A tastier twist to the age-old game. Every canine loves playing fetch, it is a great way to burn energy while engaging one on one with their favorite humans. Adding their favorite treats or even kibble is an added twist that entices dogs to finish meals they otherwise would not have but also promotes focus and drive in your pup. Did we mention it’s tastier?
  • "1, 2, 3...Eyes on Me" A more focused and calm activity for your dog to engage in that promotes eye contact, focus, and reasoning skills. Your dog will follow a trainer to the different markers scattered on the floor and at every marker, the trainer will wait for eye contact and focus, once given, praise and a treat will follow before the next marker is met. Before long your genius of a pup will be giving eyes, attention, and focus to the trainer at will which can help in various other commands and behaviors.
  • "Snuggle-Time" A more intimate and low-key activity for your canine to partake in. If you have a dog that prefers cuddles, affection, and love in a calmer manner then look no further! A handler of your dog’s choice will sit on our comfortable couch with your pup and love, caress, and spoil them until they forget that you are not there just because they are in a state of calm loving tranquility. Feel free to provide your dog’s favorite chew or toy to make this time that much more enjoyable.
  • "Out to Lunch" A relaxing activity your pup can be involved with to get some sun and Vitamin D all while practicing with a trainer to perfect your dog’s down/stay which will be easily translated and generalized so you, the owner, can piggyback off of in your natural life outside of Dr. Boyd’s.
  • "Bubble Chase" A mentally stimulating, fun, and tasty game for your pup to enjoy with all his friends. Your pup will get a chance to chase tasty peanut butter flavored bubbles and interact with all the floating fun they can handle!
  • "Toy Yard" Does your canine companion love toys of all varieties, shapes, and sounds? Well, this is an activity just for them! Have your pup play in a yard filled with toys of all kinds with a handler present to join in on the squeaky fun and to ensure the play always stays at a high, energy-burning level.
  • "Treats in a Bottle" Do you have a nosey dog? Or maybe your dog uses his/her paws a lot? This activity is sure to give your pup a challenge on how to find that hidden treasure. We have more than messages in these bottles…
  • "What’s That? Get it!" Does your furry friend love the hunt? Do they love to chase? We have just the thing that is going to scratch that instinctual itch. With a squeaky furry toy at the end of a pole, we will entice and lure your canine to chase and “hunt” the elusive thing they crave and dream about in a safe fun environment that’s sure to leave them tired and fulfilled like every good hunter after a great days hunt.
  • "Tricks for Treats" Here’s a fun and engaging way to make your dog the life of any party while naturally building your pup's focus and attention span. Let us teach your dog to spin, play dead, bow, roll over, jump through hoops (literally), and much more so you can impress all your friends everywhere you go.
  • "Obstacle Course" Do you have an athlete with a competitive itch at your side? Join the challenge and put your dog’s mind, body, and soul to the test. This is a chance to have fun while promoting the overall health and wellness every well-rounded canine needs.
  • "Muffin Man" Does your pup like a good challenge? Here is a fun way to challenge your dog’s problem-solving skills all while building “IQ” and confidence. Let’s see how long it takes your dog to move all the balls out of the way to hit the delicious jackpot.

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