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Dr. Boyd's San Diego is a full-service veterinary hospital and provides a variety of surgical procedures.


We are committed to providing the gold standard of care for your pet while having any surgical procedure. These procedures range from mass removal to spays and neuters, to more advanced procedures.

When your pet is having a surgical procedure done at Dr. Boyd’s,, we monitor major vital parameters to help minimize the risk associated with such procedures. With anesthetic procedures, we monitor heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature, blood pressure, pulse oximetry, capnograph, and EKG. We also administer fluids during your pet’s procedure to help maintain blood perfusion to vital organs and maintain blood pressure.

Our doctors and staff are diligently monitoring your pet’s well-being from the minute you check-in. Our doctors will do a pre-anesthetic exam upon drop off, review all pre-anesthetic bloodwork, customize an anesthetic plan to your pet, and be involved in every step of anesthetic induction, monitoring and recovery. We use multi-modal pain management to ensure your pet’s comfort following all surgical procedures.

We realize that while your pet is having a surgical procedure there are a lot of questions and concerns that surround the procedure, so our doctors and staff will discuss all aspects of the procedure beforehand. We also send you home with a care sheet upon discharge to clarify all aspects of your pet’s care and recovery when you get home.

If you prefer to have our professionally trained staff care for your pet following surgical procedures, we have a Recovery Care Boarding option available, which will cover everything from specialized care based on your pet’s surgery and requirements, to administering medications, and updates on your pet’s condition.

Dr. Boyd’s San Diego offers x-rays, dental x-rays, and ultrasound!

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